Never has there been a more critical time to control the spread of infection within a hospital, clinic, or nursing home.

Our client, ICP Medical, supplies disposable privacy curtains (the kind you see hanging from the ceiling that the nurses and doctors slide around a patient when they need privacy). Well, those same curtains are notorious for harboring germs, bacteria, and potentially deadly viruses. So the more often those curtains are changed, the better, particularly after an infected patient has been in a room.

Our client needed a tool to help hospitals and clinics remember to change these curtains on a regular basis, maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, and protect patients and the healthcare workers who come into contact with the curtains every day.

That’s when we got down to business. We scripted out the workflow in a typical hospital and created an app (for both iOS and Android) that allows healthcare facilities to track, in real time, the change of these contaminated curtains. The app generates reports useful for hospital management and also notifies the client when it’s time for a new supply of curtains to be shipped.

That makes a critical difference not only to the client’s bottom line but, more importantly, to the safety of patients and the healthcare heroes who care for them.

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