Sometimes opportunity doesn’t knock…
but blows in with 40 MPH gusts!

You’ve all heard of the terrible Nor’easters… the ferocious storms that batter the New England area with winds swirling in from the sea. They are frightful and damaging storms that have a well-earned, fearsome reputation. In fact, the Nor’easter that struck right after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in 2012 caused a great deal of the damage along the eastern seaboard.

But often times, disaster, or for that matter, anything that causes an immediate need in people, provides an opportunity for marketers to step in and help customers overcome the present challenge they are facing. This is what some call the “land of opportunity”… or is sometimes better known as “opportunistic marketing”.

Like we discussed last time, every company should have its “automatic” marketing plans in place… that is, marketing tactics aimed at providing a regular dose of funnel-filling leads that convert at a predictable percentage into sales.

But every company also needs the wherewithal to take advantage of opportunities that knock – or more often literally blow in – from seemingly nowhere.

Case in point: with the mounds of snow burying the Northeast over the past few weeks, you can bet a host of savvy contractors and hardware stores are selling a heck of a lot of portable or whole-house generators. With heavy snows and freezing temps, the likelihood of power outages causes enough pain and inconvenience to create a spike in demand and orders for generators.

This is the perfect time for marketers to offer special deals and financing options to make it as easy as possible for those who are feeling this fresh pain to alleviate it with the peace of mind of owning a generator. This is the opportunity for marketers to provide customers what they need most… the ability to continue to power their furnaces, refrigerators, televisions, cell phones… despite what Mother Nature throws at them.

Opportunity is not always due to bad circumstances

Opportunity does not always involve chasing disaster. For example, opportunity also knocks when a city’s professional baseball team goes to the World Series (something we’ve been blessed with frequently here in St. Louis). When the playoffs or World Series come knocking, the local restaurants, hotels and attractions all take advantage of the opportunity to provide customers with food, drink, shelter and entertainment. They must deal with staffing up, increasing inventories, and capturing the most they can in a short period of time.

So what’s the problem? Open the door already! Opportunity’s knocking!

Many companies find themselves in a serious pinch when presented with “opportunity”. Sounds crazy but it’s true. Opportunistic marketing is difficult at best to prepare for, and many companies face the bottleneck of limited resources when trying to react to a market opportunity that suddenly presents itself.

In fact, we often have companies come to us at Yank and Limey to help take advantage of opportunities. We have years of experience in quickly breaking down an opportunity and making sure the reaction to it is not only in the best interest of the client but also maximizes the potential revenue before the opportunity slips away.

Want to learn more about how you can best be prepared to make the most of opportunity when it “blows’ your way? Just knock here: