When is “custom” better than “off-the-rack”?

We noticed that our client, a major player in the aviation business services industry, was having challenges managing their global advertising program. They didn’t quite need a “media planning” tool as much as they needed a “media management” tool.

They realized all of the “off-the-rack” solutions not only cost a lot, but also included features they would never use (in fact, only about 20 to 30 percent of the functionality was needed).

So instead of trying to find a better solution:
we built one!

The Result

A custom web application that is accessible by their marketing staff anywhere in the world, any time day or night, and always reflects real-time information, such as:
– budget balances
– publication details including specifications
– an insertion order and creative library for easy reference
– plus alerts to provide notifications of upcoming due dates for submissions
Not to mention that it’s flexible enough to be scaled to fit future needs.

Yank and Limey Custom Applications… perfectly suited for:
Project Management
Inventory Tracking Systems
Estimating Tools
Pricing Tools
Promotional Planning
Budget Management

Yank and Limey’s media management tool puts control at the fingertips of a global marketing staff with the benefits of real-time visibility into their advertising programs including an at-a-glance Dashboard, Creative Library, Email Alerts for upcoming ads, and a Budget Tracker to visibly show what has been spent and what’s left.

If you’re frustrated trying to find the right answer to fit your marketing challenges, call us. We’ll custom tailor just the right solution to perfectly suit you. Call 314-858-1945, drop us a note, or see more of our work.